Your smart tip advisor in trips

Calculate your Bills & Tips fast in different countries, for different amount of people!

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    Tipping Smart & Quickly

    Fancy Tips features like simple and fast calculator that allows you to determine tips amount, exclude tax, round up and get the final amount. You can easy split the bill between any number of people.

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    Country Advisor

    Fancy Tips answers your questions like how much to tip a hotel porter in France or a waiter in Bermuda. The ultimate Fancy Tips guide includes advices for more than 240 countries and regions which makes it the most comprehensive tool comparing to other global tip calculators.

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    Customizable Interface

    With a customizable interface, you can choose how you tip, turn on rounding, enable splitting, automaticaly detect country for Tips advisor or manualy enter tip rate, enable tax support or use local currencies. All of these you can find in Fancy Tips.

Tons of Features

  • ✓ Number of taps is reduced considerably
  • ✓ Tip guide for 240 countries and regions
  • ✓ Automatic country detection
  • ✓ Possibility to divide tips among number of people
  • ✓ Service based tipping
  • ✓ Tip calculation excluding sales tax
  • ✓ Automatic currency detection
  • ✓ Possibility to observe splited bill and tip per person
  • ✓ Tip rounding to whole number
  • ✓ Possibility to exclude sales tax from tip
  • ✓ Shake to clear result